Your Health and Well Being is Our Primary Focus

If you would like to increase your self-awareness, identify and set boundaries for yourself and others, enhance your ability to communicate effectively, or apply healthy coping skills to manage anxiety, depression, grief, or loss, then individual therapy may be right for you.

With the guidance and support of DREAM 4 You we will look into underlying issues, target stressors of past and present trauma, change unhealthy behaviors, identify your strengths that will ultimately combat your perceived weaknesses as a woman, mother, partner, or spouse, learn mindfulness techniques that will enable you to live a fully present life and get you to your ultimate self identified goal.

About Joanna!

I am Joanna, a Licensed Mental Health Therapist and Empowerment Life Coach with over 15 years of counseling and coaching experience combined. In my spare time I am a Flight Attendant too!

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