DREAM Beyond Limits:

Using Visualization and the Power of the Mind to Get What You Desire

Create a vision board, they say. However, you find yourself puzzled as to why your vision board has done very little to help you manifest the amazing dream life you desire. You have watched all the videos and read the books, but with little to no results.

Realizing your dream life is achievable, but it requires a specific approach. There is no long drawn out process to making your dreams a reality. The only pre-requisite is to have a desire to see your dreams manifest. This guidebook will walk you through the step-by-step process of transforming your dream from only a dream to a concrete reality, with just a few straightforward actions.

I’ll Give A Fu*K Tomorrow… Maybe

90 Ways In 90 Days to Alleviate Anxiety and Mild Depression With Self-Care

This 90-day guided journal helps you relieve anxiety and depression by eliminating guilt that is often associated with self-care. It empowers you to recognize self-care as a necessity, not selfishness. Every day you will have a chance to try different self-care methods, such as mindfulness exercises, gratitude practices, setting healthy boundaries, and pursuing your passions. You will quickly be set on the path to release the grip of anxiety and depression and discover how powerful self-care can be.

I’ll Give A Fu*K Tomorrow… Maybe

Today I Fu*king Color A Motivational Coloring Book For Adults That Like To Swear

DECREASE YOUR ANXIETY AND ELEVATE YOUR MOOD WITH THIS MOTIVATIONAL COLORING BOOK! The perfect way to relieve stress and feel empowered is right here in the pages of this coloring book. You get 40 bold coloring pages featuring 40 empowering statements to help you let go of the stressors that weigh you down.

About Joanna!

I am Joanna, a Licensed Mental Health Therapist and Empowerment Life Coach with over 15 years of counseling and coaching experience combined. In my spare time I am a Flight Attendant too!

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