Building Healthy Family Units is Our Goal

(ages 14-19) Do you have a teen that you just can’t seem to get through to? Are you concerned about his/her grades, their choice of friends, unexplained shift in behavior or attitude. Does your teen stay isolated in their room all day, on their phone/electronics, while barely acknowledging anyone in the house? Oftentimes our kids go through their own set of problems that we are unable to effectively manage as the parent/guardian.

Sometimes a kid just needs another person that they can trust to help guide them through this thing called life, someone that isn’t their caregiver. I have acquired over 10 years experience working with this population in therapeutic environments as well as middle and high schools across the state. I know what it takes to connect with the adolescent mind and gain the trust to help your teen become the whole healthy human they truly desire to be in the world and the loving kind spirited child you remember.

After a complete consultation with both you and your child a determination will be made on how best to proceed for the benefit of all involved in goal achievement. Individual, family, or a combination of the two therapies will be discussed with the primary goal being the total wellbeing of the unit.

About Joanna!

I am Joanna, a Licensed Mental Health Therapist and Empowerment Life Coach with over 15 years of counseling and coaching experience combined. In my spare time I am a Flight Attendant too!

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