I’ll Give A Fu*K Tomorrow… Maybe


90 Ways In 90 Days to Alleviate Anxiety and Mild Depression With Self-Care A Guided Journal to Putting You First



This 90-day guided journal helps you relieve anxiety and depression by eliminating guilt that is often associated with self-care. It empowers you to recognize self-care as a necessity, not selfishness. Every day you will have a chance to try different self-care methods, such as mindfulness exercises, gratitude practices, setting healthy boundaries, and pursuing your passions. You will quickly be set on the path to release the grip of anxiety and depression and discover how powerful self-care can be.

I’ll Give a Fu*k Tomorrow… Maybe, serves as your anthem on the path to emotional liberation. Embrace the power of self-care, rewrite your narrative, and start moving on your own personal journey of resilience and transformation. Your mental well-being matters, and this journal is your guide to making it a priority today, and maybe, just maybe, give a fu*k about the rest tomorrow.


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