I’ll Give a Fu*k Tomorrow… Maybe


Today I Fu*king Color A Motivational Coloring Book For Adults That Like To Swear



DECREASE YOUR ANXIETY AND ELEVATE YOUR MOOD WITH THIS MOTIVATIONAL COLORING BOOK! The perfect way to relieve stress and feel empowered is right here in the pages of this coloring book. You get 40 bold coloring pages featuring 40 empowering statements to help you let go of the stressors that weigh you down.


  • 40 beautiful butterfly and floral designs included amongst the varied unique designs. The butterfly is a symbol of transformation and rebirth, while the flower symbolizes love, faith, and hope.
  • 40 empowering statements that will give you the motivation you need to conquer daily stressors.
  • The ability to relax your mind and the pure joy that comes with creative expression.
  • The joy of reconnecting with your inner child
  • The use of swear words not only reduces stress levels, according to science, but also develops emotional resilience.
  • If you have never thought about coloring before to ease anxiety and stress, I challenge you to think outside of the box by making this purchase today.

Press “BUY NOW” to be on your way to stress free living!


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